Safekeet, a Digital Smart Safe-deposit Launches Its Ico on 1st Feb 2018

RedKeet, a French start-up invents the intelligent digital safe and announces the launch of its ICO via a dedicated website:


SafeKeet helps general public, companies, and administrations to manage and store all of their documents.

Storage needs are booming and in the myriad of files we accumulate over the course of our lives, it is common to lose track or dig in madly into mailboxes or hard disk (when not for a piece of paper!) looking for a precious item.

To solve this issue, SafeKeet integrates an artificial intelligence that sorts and classifies documents in the manner of a switcher. By recognizing the logos and header, the app intuitively and durably organize the data while respecting the privacy of the users since these data, encrypted on the blockchain can only be viewed by their owners. The blockchain guarantees, both protection of data against malware or loss, speed and cost control.


This operation will allow the RedKeet company to both launch SafeKeet and the tokens, nextly tradable on the dedicated platforms but also enjoy the storage and decentralized document management services.

The ICO will begin on February 1, 2018 and will end on February 28, 2018. 200 million tokens will go on sale.

A pre-sale phase has begun on January 15, 2018 and allow the firsts investors to benefit from bonuses. With more than 1 million tokens sold in 48 hours, the kick-off was a success.


Founded in 2014 by Pierre Toussaint, RedKeet is a pure player in innovation and digital transformation.

Since its debut, the company has been developing and marketing innovative tools mainly for HR services.

Currently, these applications are used by more than 15,000 regular users in internationally renowned companies.

In 2017, RedKeet has received the Innovation Approval from the French administration

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