Introducing HotNow: First Gamified Online-to-Offline Economy

Introducing HotNow: First Gamified Online-to-Offline Economy

Enabling the First Gamified Online-to-Offline Economy for Emerging Asia backed by a Public Company

HotNow platform provides merchants in SE Asia with cost effective, high-efficacy marketing tools, while encouraging merchants to transfer some of that value surplus to consumers of their goods and services. Given the impact of blockchain and surrounding technologies, the inevitable evolution of HotNow is an expansion of its current real-time marketing app and platform into a token economy. Its unique location-based services (LBS) already generate profits and increase market exposure for partner merchants, and deliver value and great content to its users.

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The platform will become a network that utilizes strict open source protocols, smart contracts, and (rapidly growing) developments in distributed ledger and other decentralized (permissioned) data structure solutions. As part of this next-step evolution of its proven business model, HotNow will transform into a gamified ecosystem based on a utilitarian access token (ERC-20 standard, symbol: HTKN) and micro-transactions. The HotNow token economy will reward its participants with HTKN for every economic activity they perform (every action made by buyers and sellers that keeps the HotNow ecosystem growing).

HotNow utilizes unique methods in the creation of its ecosystem with an emphasis on mechanics found in “freemium” video games and other game mechanics that increase shop conversion rates and enhance consumer engagement. Other innovations include individually-tailored loyalty programs for cash-based businesses and tools that enable merchants to create organizations and solve coordination problems such as creating shared loyalty programs and aggregating purchasing power. In addition, deep analysis of the spending history data of consumers can create “credit profiles” for individuals without financial history to enable these consumers to access micro-loans.

The network’s “right to exist”, and its HoToKeN, solely rely on the benefits the platform creates to merchants and buyers. The same is true for all (real) tokens and other blockchain or distributed ledger-based ecosystems. Unlike most ITOs/TGEs out there, HotNow already does that with great success, and now only wishes to expand this goal by becoming a community.

Furthermore, HotNow’s partnership with Axion Ventures provides trust and assurances to the early contributors and adopters that its goals will be met and that it will bring its vision to life. HotNow’s HoToKeN ITO is one of those rare ones about which contributors can feel safe, and the HoToKeN itself is one whose price evaluation is pellucid.

Gamification is on everybody’s mind, and for a good reason . HotNow’s app will not only be gamified, but it will be a game arena filled with an ever-growing number of casual games, with HotPoints  as their virtual currency. HotNow’s users will be able to play against each-other or against the games. Even Augmented Reality (AR) games will be implemented at later stages, all depending on the market and the success of HotNow’s ITO/TGE.

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