What do Indian regulators prepare for blockchain? Expert opinion at panel discussion

Representatives of Indian blockchain companies will discuss ICOs and coming changes in legislative regulation. Experts will be brought together at the panel discussion of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference India.

Discussion topic: ICO: legal, regulatory and tax policy in India — new perspectives. Experts from four major blockchain companies will share their opinions about coming changes in India’s legislation related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They will also predict how it will affect the industry.

Discussion participants

  • Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO of Cashaa and Chairman of Auxesis Group, creator of the first blockchain incubator in Southeast Asia called Southeast Asia. Cashaa was ranked 19th in top 100 blockchain companies in the end of the year. Mr. Gaurav is included into the global list of top 100 innovators.
  • Anirudh Rastogi, Founder & Managing Partner at TRA. It is the largest law firm that supports high-tech enterprises and startups.
  • Harmeet Singh Monga, Chief Business Officer at Blocksmiths, Program Head at Satoshi Studios. At BlockSmiths, he helps organizations and government institutions understand the efficiency gains offered by integrating blockchain into their current processes.
  • Jitan S Chandanani, Partner — Blockchain Leader at IBM India / South Asia. The company integrates blockchain solutions into businesses and develops blockchain ecosystems in the region.

Source: India.bc.events © Bitcoin Conference India



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